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May 2014 Two 70-20-10 Models; Legal Assistance; Effort: the Secret Weapon
April 2014 Dept. of Labor Laws; State of the State Luncheon; PTO; Doors Open Denver
March 2014 Love as an Addiction; Colorado Medication Take-Back Project
February 2014 Physician Business Owners and Social Media;Exiting Oz, Book; Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dependability,
January 2014 Stay Interviews; Gamification; 2014
December 2013 Recent 2013 Discoveries; Mindfulness as a Tool
November 2013 Denver Area Holiday Events: American Medical Association Analyzed Private Practice Physician Numbers
October 2013 "Te Happiness Advantage" and More; Workplace Accidents:10 Most Common Workplace Injuries; Yogi Berra Quotes
September 2013 Colorado Workplace Laws, Proposals for 2014; What to Do Right Away When Someone Dies in Colorado
August 2013 Affordable Health Deadline Moved to 2015; Word of Mouth Referrals; Soul
July 2013 Teamwork; ICD-10 Deadline: October 1, 2014; Happy Birthday, USA!
June 2013 Good Books on Persuasion: RX to Prevent Compassion Fatigue
May 2013 Human Resources Can Help Build Loyalty; What Can You Do to Help Lessen the Stress of a Trauma?; To Quote Einstein
April 2013 Internet Sales Tax; Predictors of Increased Life Span: How to Have Persuasion and Influence
March 2013 Behavioral Interviews; New HSA Law: Recent Court Actions
January 2013 Colorado Employment, Minimum Wage, At-Will, Unemployment, References; Coffee Shop Interview
December 2012 Recent Scientific Advances; Motivators
November 2012 10 Ways to Motivate Workers; Zen-like Problem Solving, Halloween Groaners
October 2012 What are Your Strengths?; Have an Average Day
September 2012 Where to Look for Jobs; Word of Mouth Referrals
August 2012 Legal Hiring Quesitons; Olympic Smiles; How Would You Like to be Remembered?
July 2012 Brain Plasticity; Controlling Your Online Reputation
June 2012 Accelerators; 5 Top Workplace Injuries; Golf Quotes
May 2012 Empowering a Vision Board; What's All the Talk about EFT?
April 2012 Hospitalized? What Can I Do To Help?; 9 News Health Fair, 2012; Free Shred-it Day, May 19, 2012
March 2012 Health Law Overview: PPACA and Colorado Health Exchange, Simplified
February 2012 ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolutions; 2012 Colorado Small Business Opinions; 2012 HSA Maximum
November 2011 Take Action- Do What You Can
January 2012 2012 Colorado Minimum Wage. Social Media Policy; IRS Standard Mileage Rates, 2012; Purposeful Motivation
September 2011 Leaving-A-Job Checklist; A Classic Motivation Story
August 2011 Human Resource Trends, GINA, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, A Law.
October 2011 The "Good" Employer; Contest
December 2011 FREE Medical Business Coaching; Mental Health Principles Strengthen Self-Control; Interesting 2011 Scientific Discoveries
July 2011 Polishing Your Resume; Information Technology in Medicine
June 2011 Working Remotely; Email Campaign Tips: Learning Quotes
May 2011 HSA, Did You Ever Wonder..., Resume Honesty
April 2011 Employees as Resources: Where Did They Hide Their Valuables? You Know There Is A Recession When...
March 2011 Colorado Employment Reminders; Brain Freeze; Free Tax Assistance
February 2011 2010 Auto Mileage Deduction; Passed Over in an Interview?; Setting Goals; Identifying Obstacles
January 2011 Business Updates; 2010 Top Consumer Scams; The Acorn Planter
December 2010 Prototype Your Ideas; 2010 Discoveries, Inventions; Colorado Minimum Wage
November 2010 Motivation; DIsbled or Able?; Networking Event
October 2010 Types of Bottled Water; Why Are Some People Not Hired?; Halloween Jokes
September 2010 1943 Guide to Hiring Women; Holistic Health Terms; Positive Attitude
August 2010 Prof Simplifies Chosing a Med School and Donor Matching; Humor Helps
July 2010 Millenials and Jobs; Interview Reminders; Charity Fraud
June 2010 Suggestions for Patients and Providers; Hotel Tips; Country Wisdom
May 2010 E-Verify; Your Cover Letter and Resume Can Work for You
April 2010 Employee E-mail and Internet Policy; Practice Buy-Out
March 2010 Listen Carefully to Prevent Conflicts: Simplify;Bumper Stickers
February 2010 Computer Tips; The Art of Possibility; March 3 Small Business Day; Valentine Quotes
January 2010 2010 Minimum Wage and Required Posters, Small Business Day at the Capitol; Crime Prevention: Embezzling
December 2009 2009 Science Developments and Discoveries
November 2009 GINA - Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; Jobs Hard to Fill; Watch for Medical IT Opportunities; Bob Hope Quotes
October 2009 Exceptional Speakers; Colorado Medical Job Market; The Newest COBRA Insurance Notice; Workers Comp Checks Social Networks for Cheaters
September 2009 Back to School; Veterans as Returning Employees
August 2009 Are You Certain?; Run a Meeting While Walking; Employee Testing Results Overturned in High Court
July 2009 An Interview Secret: Make Yourself Memorable; Colorado Overtime Laws for Hourly Employees; Why You Say It
June 2009 2009 Medical Practice Survey; Mystery Patients
May 2009 Important HR News; Define Your Clients; Enjoy the Benefits-Websites
April 2009 New Address, Business Refresher, Negotiation Tools, Progress Quotes
March 2009 Changing Careers? Build Credibility by Showing Effort;; COBRA Premium Subsidy Agreement
February 2009 Social Networking Sites; Health Care, Lone Bright Spot on the Employment Front
January 2009 How to Market a New Practice; Keep Patients Happy; Do Not Understaff; Communication Facilitates Change
December 2008 Telecommuting? "Jellies" Relieve Work Isolation; HIPAA 2008-9; Scientific Discoveries
November 2008 Persuasion; Explaining a Layoff; Top 10 Jobs Filled with Foreign Talent; Counteroffers
October 2008 "Onboarding" to Encourage Retention; Drug Reps Discouraged from Gift Giving
September 2008 Measuring "Employee Engagement", Gas Mileage Credit Increase, Tornados in Colorado?
August 2008 Resume E-mail Tips, Airfare Savings, Blue Cross Changes; AMA Guidelines for Medical Tourism
July 2008 Attracting Associates to Your Medical Practice; Disposing of Unwanted Medication
June 2008 Saving Electronically Stored Information, Researching the Competition, Retention Activities, Goodwill Provides Job Training
May 2008 National MA Certification; Postage; 4C Communication; Social Security Number Verification
April 2008 Internet at Work; What's OK? Dealing with Passive Aggressive Employees
March 2008 Nurse Practitioner Laws, New IRA Ruling, Story Telling and Interviews
February 2008 Brain Fitness; Identifying Personality Styles
January 2008 New Minimum Wage, Wellness, Wage Lawsuits
December 2007 Helping Friends Heal; Brilliant Inventions of 2007
November 2007 Retaining Staff Talent; 250 Free Templates
October 2007 3 Ways to Succeed at a New Job; Business Networking at Holiday Parties; MicroTrends
September 2007 RN, LPN Licensing; New Hire Orientation , Collecting on a Bounced Check
August 2007 Employment Questions to Avoid; Shorter Work Week by 2015
July 2007 Walk & Work Desk, TB Health Information, Plays Well With Others
June 2007 Interviewing Tip: Answering Machine Messages; Career Track Help; Oldest Family-Run Businesses: Bypass Automated Phone Systems
May 2007 First Impressions Influence Interviews, Effective E-mails
April 2007 Manager Survey; Before Downsizing
March 2007 Labor Poster Updates, Humor Helps Healing, Preparing for the Future
February 2007 Rehiring Military Employees, Spas Offer Relief for Technology Caused Ailments, Credit for the 3% Federal Excise Tax on Phone Charges
January 2007 New Colorado Minimum Wage Law, Protect Your Original Work, Interpreting Heart-Healthy Food Labels
December 2006 Check Your Social Website Content, 2006 Interesting Discoveries in Science, Counter Offers, Sweatshirt Sayings
November 2006 Medical Office Hiring Trends
October 2006 Avoid Overtime Mistakes, Telemedicine Advances
September 2006 Interviewing: What to Wear?, "Boutique" Medicine, Handy Information for Seniors
August 2006 Sexual Harassment New Ruling, Candidates: Watch for Warning Signs
July 2006 Telephone Imagery, Handy Credit Information
June 2006 Save Dollars on 411 Calls, Federal Labor Law Acronyms, Corporate Financial Disclosure, Re-energize
May 2006 Retaining Good Employees, Clinical Trials Survey, Handling a Lay-off
April 2006 Personalizing Motivation, Seven Small Steps to Big Changes
March 2006 Customer Service, Sexual Harassment Law Change, Negative Behavior
February 2006 Colorado Childcare Information, Six Sigma for Healthcare, Slowing down Junk E-Mail
January 2006 United Healthcare/Pacificare, Smoking Surcharges, 2005 Science Discoveries
December 2005 Hourly Wage Averages, Hiring Tips
November 2005 Medical Match Wins, Business and Human Resource Updates
October 2005 A U.S. Alternative to Offshoring, Resume Fraud
September 2005 Security Prescription Pads, Calculating Layoff Costs and Savings, Cell Phone: No Call Registry
August 2005 Being a "People Person," Top Interview Turn-off, Developing Good Press
July 2005 Tips for Job-Seeking New Grads, Free Classes and Services
June 2005 Training, Camera Phones in the Workplace, Should Your Business Hire Illegal Aliens?
May 2005 Pay Raises, Perks, Age Discrimination in Employment Act Refresher
April 2005 Genetic Nondiscrimination Law, Telephone Alerts, Market Your Services
March 2005 Colorado Vital Records, Health Advocate Services, Computer Help
February 2005 Human Resource News, Portfolio Careers
January 2005 Interviewing Tips for Employers, Payroll Record Retention, Attitudes Influence Business Success
December 2004 Health Savings Accounts, Illegal Script Writing
November 2004 Filing Unemployment, References: What Can We Do In Colorado?
October 2004 Long Term Care Insurance, What Are "Phishing" E-mails?
September 2004 Fax Law Change, On-line Noridian Medicare Workshops
August 2004 Diploma Mill Scams, Accredited Colorado Medical Training
July 2004 Comparing HMO and PPO Insurance Plan Basics, What is a Blog, Free Online Courses
June 2004 .MD Domain Names, Prevent "Compassion Fatigue"
May 2004 Overtime Rules, Independent Contractors
April 2004 Human Resource News, Computer Vision Syndrome
March 2004 Current Denver Wages, Phone Costs, Child ID Kits
February 2004 Colorado Medical Employee Excellence Awards
January 2004 "Follow This Path" by Curt Coffman and Gabriel Gonzalez-Molina, PhD


Job Candidates


"You saved us hours of interviewing"

"A working interview was a great idea. The first person didn't match; the second was perfect!"

“I like knowing  you do background checks for our final candidates.” 

Can you help us find…

a RN with sales experience…

an administrative assistant who can help me dig out  this mess….

a physician assistant “seasoned”  with experience…

a radiology tech who knows analog and digital equipment…

a nurse who can translate English/Spanish…

Yes, we can and yes, we did that and more!  


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